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Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is a popular vacation spot in Aksa village at Malad close to Malvani in Mumbai. Earlier it used to be a quiet and deserted beach that was very clean and was a habitat for a variety of sea creatures with plentiful snails and shells on the beach. The steady influx of visitors especially around weekends has made it a coveted destination for city-people who want to escape to its natural setting.

Mumbai has many beaches and Aksa beach symbolizes the concept of city beach that provides urban breathing space in the heart of a city. But this beach is full of quick-sands and susceptible to casualties. Visitors are warned to stay away from the waters since even knee deep water can be fatal if water current and shifting sands start acting up.

The beach is however dotted with inviting private cottages and hotels offering facilities for boarding and lodging to enjoy the seascape in all its vicissitudes.

Refreshingly there is an absence of annoying peddlers. In fact there's not much here apart from the pristine beach and the resorts. A few snack stalls on the beach offer necessities to quench your thirst and hunger.

Location: If you're spending time in Mumbai and would like to unwind away from the urban chaos, then Aksa beach is a natural tranquil escape. This beach is located only 40 km north of the centre of Mumbai near the suburb of Malad. It offers much serenity making it hard to believe you're still so close to the city.

Sightseeing: This beach has INS Hamla (Naval base of India Navy) at one end and a small beach called "Dana Paani" at the other side offering a few snack stalls. The closest hang-out for fun and frolic if you get tired of the solitude is Essel World and Water World near Gorai close to Malad. You certainly break away from the urban environment to explore the rural locale and enjoy the seashore.

Leisure Activities: If seclusion is what you desire then nothing like Aksa beach that gets you to enjoy good sunset views and take long walks with the sea on one side and lush foliage on the other. The fresh air and ocean side ambiance provides a great backdrop to your escapade. This beach is well known as lover's beach. Wade, bathe or sunbathe and try the local cuisine. This beach offers sporty attractions to its visitor's like beach volleyball, football and cricket.

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To Reach Aksa Beach: You can reach Aksa Beach from Malad station (west) by taking a bus or private auto/vehicle if you prefer to come here by local train from the city. On the other hand private vehicles and taxis are another alternative to arrive at Aksa Beach. Best time to visit: Aksa Beach is great any time of the year but one needs to be a bit careful in the monsoons that can be hazardous and one needs to be very cautious. Winters are certainly the best time and lots of visitors come over is to enjoy the seaside sojourn.

Hotels: This grand secluded beach of Mumbai has many royal hotels and private cottages. These hotels and cottages serve as the best lodging options for foreign visitors and local tourists who wish to find accommodation to enjoy a brief stay.

Hotel Near Aksa Beach

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Grand Hometel Malad
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