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Gorai Beach Gorai Beach is situated in Gorai Creek and is a great place to view awesome sunrises and sunsets that make for beautiful scenarios both times of the day. The lovely climate and friendly local people from Gorai village attract Mumbaikars to this North-western region of the city. The beach can be accessed from the Creek that separates Gorai from the island of Salsette. Also there is an overland route through Bhayander.
The place offers a soothing sojourn for routine oriented city people who indulge in the merry-making reserved exclusively for week-end beach trips. It takes very little time to access this beach in a span that is just 4 kilometers from the creek. Enjoy cool dips and swim in the sea waters of Gorai beach that's set amid a rural ambience. An overnight stay at the beach makes for an exciting proposition. Gorai beach is most famous for its fun-filled, night parties.

You can relax in hotel rooms once you have had your fill of solitude in the late evenings. Get up early in the morning to enjoy the fresh sea breezes and seascape vistas that begin a wonderful day all over again. The clean and cool waters of the Gorai beach in the peaceful setting are to be enjoyed. Several accommodation facilities near the beach provide amenities and facilities to make the visit more interesting. Gorai beach remains a popular weekend party venue, Mornings may have you enjoying a game of sand volleyball or flying Frisbees.

Location: Gorai beach is safe and excellent and can be accessed by the small creek linking the beach to the mainland of Mumbai. Located north of Mumbai, it is just a short ferry ride from Marve beach (Malad West) or Gorai creek (Borivali West). Lying close to the busy metropolis the beach is a long and wide expanse with a sandy shoreline.

Sightseeing: Gorai enjoys a certain calm and laid back atmosphere typical of its rural backdrop. This appears quite in contrast to the fast paced life of nearby Mumbai lying on the other bank of the creek. Bullock carts are still in use adding to the rustic charm. Attractions close to Gorai beach include the Golden Buddhist Pagoda, Water Kingdom and Esselworld. These can easily be a part of your excursion to Gorai beach as they are not far away and local ferries can be hired to get there. Make the trip more adventurous by getting across to nearby areas across the creek by hiring ferries.

To Reach from Mumbai: From Malad and Borivali suburban railway stations it is just a 20 minute drive by bus or auto rickshaw to Marve beach. From there you board a 15-minute ferry ride to Gorai beach. Once you cross the creek it is just 4 kms to Gorai beach by bicycle, rickshaw or horse-cart. Due to easy accessibility more and more of people are attracted to the beach.

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Best time to visit: The beach is great any time of the year but summer heat can be avoided by staying away from the midday sun. Winters are a great time to enjoy the beach to the full. However, do avoid the beach during the monsoon months when sea currents may be risky.

Hotels: Both basic and luxury accommodation can be had in hotels, guest houses and cottages located near Gorai beach. U Tan Sea Resort near Gorai beach located on a cliff offers comfortable deluxe cottage rooms in a great location. Other hotels like Fonseca's or Whispering Palms provide good service and accommodation in terms of food and facilities. Getting accommodation is pretty easy with several hotels catering to all kinds of budget.

Hotels Near Gorai Beach

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Grand Hometel Malad
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