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The city of Mumbai has a glowing history to recount. The name Mumbai comes as an eponym derived from Mumbadevi, a local Hindu Goddess. What once was just a collection of seven islands namely, Wadala, Colaba, Old Women's Island, Mazagaon, Parel, Mahim & Matunga-Sion, has today grown to become the commercial capital of the nation.

The earliest settlers of the island where the Kolis, a fishing community. Since then the islands witnessed a series of reclamations from Gujarat Sultanate to Portuguese possessions to the British East India Company in 1668. The Portuguese during their possession of the islands had named the area "Bom Bahia" which during the British rule got anglicized to "Bombay" & finally to "Mumbai" in 1995.

The mid 18th century saw the city emerge as an important trading center followed by educational & economic development in the 19th century. The then Governor Gerald Aungier encouraged numerous Gujarati traders, Hindu & Muslim manufacturers & Parsi ship builders to settle in Bombay. It was the commercial boom brought by Gerald that rightly earned him the title "Father of Bombay".

The Zorastrian Parsis where one of the communities's to play a major role in Bombay's economic development. While in Bombay, one can find several streets named after successful Parsi industrialists & businessmen. One such legendry memorials is the Hotel Taj Mahal built by the famous JRD Tata in memory of his father, a great Parsi businessmen.

While on one hand numerous important developments where being made in the city, the early 20th century also witnessed the city come up as a strong base for independence movement. In fact, Bombay was the epicenter of the 1919 Rowlett Satyagraha & the 1946 Royal Indian Navy Mutiny. Though after independence Bombay got restructured into Bombay State, in 1960 it got dissolved & became the state capital for the newly created Maharashtra State.

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