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Madh Island Beach Madh Island Beach in Mumbai at Malad, close to the famous suburb of Andheri, is well known as Madh jetty. It is actually quite far off from the main city in south Mumbai. This clean and hygienic beach has resorts and hotels located around the beach, offering a complete escape from the heat and dust of the city. It is great destination to chill out.

An ideal place for picnics people usually spend the day at the beach to return home safe in the evening.
While offering a quick change of scene in the rural backdrop it is certainly amazing to see the exquisite bungalows that dot the beach. Also the spot is quite popular for rave society parties.

It is the unspoilt sandy beach that lets you enjoy the peace and calm of the seaside. However you need to be wary of the strong sea waves that might be treacherous and susceptible to the changing currents. It is advisable not to venture out too far away into the sea and the beach is not recommended for swimming.

Location: Madh Island has several quaint fishing villages and farmlands in northern Mumbai. The northwest coast actually barely escapes being called a peninsula since only a small creek, bounded by mangroves cuts it off from the mainland. At low tide you can walk across the beach sands to other areas. The area is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west and the Malad creek on the east.

Sightseeing: Madh Island Beach has a lengthy stretch of sandy shore, where you can take lovely walks, play around or just lie down and relax. The peace and calm re-energizes you completely. A big attraction on Madh Island Beach is the Madh Fort also called Versova fort built by the Portuguese as a watchtower. The fort's picturesque locale is sure to enthrall tourists.

The famous Church of St. Bonaventure, a 16th century Portuguese church is situated on the beach in Erangal. The annual Erangal Feast held on second Sunday of January, celebrating the Feast day of St. Bonaventure, attracts thousands of people of all faiths to this scenic spot.

Leisure Activities: Madh Island Beach is quite famous as lovers point in Mumbai. The place is however not safe in late evening. You need to take care of yourself and your personal belongings. It is best to retire to hotels close by for leisure activities and entertainment.

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Hotels: Madh Island's proximity to the sea and its secluded nature has resulted in several hotels being set up there. The scenic Erangal village on Madh Island has villagers mostly occupied with traditional farming. Erangal is however dotted with several holiday cottages and bungalows like The Retreat and The Resort.

To Reach Madh Island Beach: Private vehicles and taxis are the preferred way to reach the beach. If you take the local train to Malad station on the western railway route you can take an auto-rickshaw to reach the destination. Alternatively you can board a bus to get to the beach.

Best time to visit: Actually you can visit any time of the year. Although the shifting sands make it slightly dangerous to swim the real reason people come here is to escape the urban environment and to explore the rural locale and enjoy strolling along the seashore.

Hotels In Madh Island

Hotel Samara Garden
Hotel Samara Garden
Samara the island of peace and tranquility away from the hassles of city life. 2 acres of lush-green and swaying palm trees. A place free from pollution and noise. Samara Gardens is situated about 12kms from Malad station on the west side and is a 2 minute drive towards the sea front on the main Madh Marve road ...
  • INR 3,990.00
  • USD 86.68
The Retreat
The Retreat
Situated on the Madh Marve Road (before Madh Island), The Retreat is just a short drive away from the city centre and about an hour drive from the domestic and international airports. ...
  • INR 1,870.00
  • USD 40.63