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Manori Beach If you happen to be in Mumbai with an unscheduled weekend then a visit to Manori Beach would be most appropriate. It would be like a breath of fresh air with the serene atmosphere making you forget the city-blues. Manori beach located in fishing village of Manori is an unsullied stretch of beach where you may bathe, swim and spend time besides the inviting waters of the sea.
Bathing in the clean and pleasant waters of the Arabian Sea can be enjoyed here to the full. People from Mumbai seek solace in the unsoiled sea waters when they tire of their routine lives and want to let their hair down on this beach. This is why you find it slightly crowded in the weekends with the beach full of dodging balls and flying Frisbees.

Weekdays will find Manori Beach absolutely deserted. Silent and pristine, this white sandy stretch of seaside attracts solitude seekers. The beach is really a small island located at a Mumbai suburb that has a smattering of restaurants and few hawkers selling ice candy and other eatables. A quick ferry ride gets you to the beach in no time.

This excellent suburban beach is pretty safe and is linked by a rocky headland and accessed across a small creek from mainland Mumbai that is serviced by a sturdy barge to reach Manori beach in another ten minute rickshaw ride. The beach is fringed with swaying palm trees and a row of beachside cottage hotels.

Location: Beautiful Manori beach is situated 40 kms away from the clamorous atmosphere of Mumbai. It sits in northern Mumbai at a distance of 20 minutes from Madh Island. Located next to a fishing village, the beach is a quiet retreat, popular with families and picnickers. Overlooking the waters and lining the beach front are tiny cottage-style bungalows that can be rented out for weekend getaways.

Sightseeing: Sunset views of the beach, bathing, swimming walking and exploring the fishing village nearby is all that you can do at Manori Beach. When you have had enough of sea water you might want to explore inland for more to see. The huge golden Buddhist pagoda offers a great view from the distance and is actually located near Essel World that is a popular hangout.

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The Beach is also used for film shooting and if get lucky then you might get to see Bollywood in action. You could also go to Essel World and Water World for some healthy amusement on amazing rides and water slides. The Portuguese Church located near the Marve-Manori road is a quaint attraction. The beach is equally famous for its all-night parties that take place here. An orchard full of cashew nut trees also makes for a charming sight. Leisure Activities: Manori beach is about two kms long and fringed with palm trees and rows of seafront hotels offering in-house entertainment. Accessed across a small creek by a 15 minute ferry ride Manori has a terrain and ambiance reminiscent of the Goa. The ferry ride to and fro is itself a treat for most people. There are some bungalows and up-scale homes used mainly as weekend getaways where you may find indoor leisure activities.

To Reach from Mumbai: There are many means of commuting to Manori beach. You can reach Malad railway station by train and then take the road. From Marve beach it's a 15-minute ferry ride to Manori Beach. One can also take the Borivali ferry or the Bus route from Malad station. Another option is the route from Bhayander that is a bit longer from the Western Railway Route.

Best time to visit: You can visit Manori Beach any time of the year but remember summers would be quite stark and monsoons too clammy – unless in both cases you can find comfortable rooms to relax in after your time out. Winters however are the best time to experience the climate and seaside fun.

Hotels: You can find hotels at Manori Beach that may also be offering deals. It is best to check for rooms online before making reservations for Manori Beach hotels. At Manori village there is a row of beachside cottages and few hotels. Some houses in the village serve as hotels where you can keep your belongings, order lunch and head for the beach.

There are luxury hotels like Manoribel Hotel, Manoribel and Domonica Beach Resort near the beach offering amenities for a comfortable stay. The most famous of these is Manori Bel, a cluster of white washed spanish-style villas with clean bright rooms and charming wicker furniture.

Hotels Near Manori Beach

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Hotel Samara Garden
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The Retreat
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