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Murud Janjira Excursion Murud-Janjira is an island-fort set by the coastal village of Murud in Raigad district of Maharashtra, close to Mumbai. This idyllic fishing village with beaches bordered by green coconut and palm groves is set amid natural scenic beauty. Among other historic monuments Murud Janjira remains a popular tourist attraction. The 300-year old fort is famous for its immense architecture.
The sweet-water lake found on the island-fort is considered a miracle being surrounded as it is by salty sea water. The unique cannons of the fort also draw attention with the biggest one having an 18 km range. Since it could not be transported at one go, it had been assembled in pieces inside the fort. This singular fort along the western coast remained impregnable despite all attempts to conquer it in a series of attacks by the Dutch, English and Marathas.

Location: Murud-Janjira is located 165 kms from Mumbai along the western coastline, and is easily accessible by road and train. The small village of Murud is located on the top of a hillock and at some distance away on the sea stands the fort constructed around the 15th century. It remains nearly intact despite the ravages of time and tide.
History: Janjira Fort was originally a wooden fortification built by local fishermen to protect the village from pirates. Nizamshah, ruler of Ahmednagar demolished the fortress to build the impregnable stone fort in its place that became the stronghold for Siddi minions, who made it their capital. The State of Murud-Janjira became known as Habsan or the land of the Habshi's meaning the Siddis from Abyssinia.

The word Janjira is a phonetic distortion of the original Arabic Jazeera meaning island. Towers and turrets housing huge guns and cannons in an ever-ready state of preparedness kept enemies at bay to safeguard the fort at all times. Shivaji made six unsuccessful attempts to conquer it and later Sambhaji Raje and even the Peshwas made futile attempts, but all in vain. Janjira thus got labeled impregnable.

Sightseeing: The locale around Murud-Janjira makes for a picturesque vacation destination.  The glittering sandy coastline has lovely beaches lined on the other side with the greenery of coconut and betel nut trees. The magnificent getaway provides a long list of amazing sightseeing spots.


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These include temples and churches, vast stretches of the coast line, palm groves, hot springs and ancient monuments. The Nawab's Palace and Janjira Caves remain favored spots. The fort has wonderful stone carvings at the main entrance shows six elephants trapped by a single tiger - a telling depiction of the bravery of the Siddis. Kalal Bangdi, Landakasam and Bhavani showcase the cherished weapons of the Siddis made of five metals

Among other nearby places of interest are Padmadurg, Carambi Dharan Dam, Sidhi Vinayak Temple & Lord Dattatreya Shrine.
Alkapuri is another beautiful picnic spot favored for its lush green vegetation.

Shopping: The peaceful rural life in Murud thrives on agricultural economy offering a range of food products. Seafood includes prawns, surumai, pomfret, kingfish, mackerel, crab, lobster. Selling vegetables like eggplant (brinjal), sweet potato, sugarcane, onions, garlic have rice as the staple cereal. Fruits like coconut, mango, watermelon, bananas, jack fruit and kokum are to be enjoyed. Betel nut, cashew nut and black pepper can be bought here.

Leisure Activities: Murud is increasingly becoming a popular beach resort despite its rural backdrop. One can gleefully spend time watching the lapping waves and relax beneath lush coconut and palm trees to watch tranquil sun-sets. The active might enjoy trekking and climbing hills all around to enjoy panoramic views. The intrepid might venture into the dense jungle to visit the Idgah ahead of the hill. Adventure lovers can try catamaran, bullock cart or tonga rides. Being serene and pollution free just breathing here will seem pleasureful.

To Reach From Mumbai: The distance from Mumbai to Murud is 165 kms with state transport buses plying to and fro. Roha on the Konkan Railway is the nearest railway station from where local conveyance takes you to Murud. To Reach the Janjira Fort, sailboats are available from Murud Port and Rajpuri port.

There are also regular catamarans from the Gateway of India in Mumbai going up to Mandwa town. Take a bus from Mandwa to Alibaug and again a local bus from Alibaug to Murud with the entire trip duration being approximately 4 hours. Regular ferry services are available from Ferry Wharf up to Rewas that is 23 km to Murud. One needs to take a bus from Rewas.

Best time to visit: Murud is fast emerging as favorite destination for water enthusiasts and campers. The place can be enjoyed anytime of the year as the weather is largely warm and humid with cool sea breezes. This makes it very inviting year round but monsoons are to be avoided as the sea gets choppy.

Hotels: This heavenly destination has many hotels and resorts along with government accommodation. You could even opt for hotels located in Mumbai if keen on a one day trip. But there are good enough hotels and resorts located along the beach to choose from. Budget Hotels include Dattakripa Lodging, Hira Residency, Sai Ashirvad, Sea Face and Anjum Lodge. Resorts like Sea Shell, Lotus Murud, Sand Piper, Golden Swan and Silver Sand are great.

Hotel In Murud Janjira

Golden Swan Beach Resort
Golden Swan Beach Resort
Golden Swan is the erstwhile MTDC Resort which is now privately run and is one of the best beach resorts around Mumbai and is located right on the beach and serves as a good destination for corporate events.Biggest attraction besides the beach is the Janjira Fort that is across the sea accessible by boat/ferry ...
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