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Panhala Getaway Panhala is one of the most famous getaways from Mumbai. It is the smallest city and believed to be one of the best Hill stations of Maharashtra. This is indeed a nature' lover's paradise making its visitors leave behind the fast-paced life of urban centers and enjoy a stress free holiday in the lap of nature. With the numerous panoramic viewpoints and unbelievable natural beauty, Panhala attracts thousands of visitors year round.
Location: Located at an altitude of 977.2m, this fascinating hill station is 18 km northwest of Kolhapur, in Kolhapur district that is 428-km. from Mumbai. This is the perfect place for all those who wish or dream to relax in nature's serenity.

History: The history of Panhala mainly belongs to Maratha empire and its founder Chatrapati  Shivaji Maharaj. It is believed to be the only place where great ruler himself, Shivaji spent more than 500 days, other than his childhood homes. Hence, the significance of Panhala has increased and people from all over India come to see this sacred place of Shivaji. Initially, it was the capital of Maratha State until 1782 but later in 1827, it went under the British Empire.

Sightseeing:  Panhala is incredibly charming hill station blessed with a rich historical heritage. The most popular historical attraction of this tourist destination includes Panhala fort, which is the largest fort of all the Deccan forts. Apart from this, there are many other wonderful sights too that you can visit, including - The Teen Darwaza -also referred to as three door gate is meant successive doors that provide access to the fort, Parashar caves - These are supposed to be the caves where the sage Parashar lived, Someshwar Temple and the Sambhaji Temple - these are the most sacred places to visit. Each of these sights has its share of haunting anecdotes.

Nearby Attractions: Panhala has numerous amazing nearby tourist attractions, out of which some of the most famous ones are - Sajja Kothi, Someshwar tank , Andhar Bav, the Blue Basat temple on Jyotibaba Hills, the 7th century AD Mahalaxmi temple near Kolhapur and the wildlife sanctuary at Radhanagari. These all gorgeous attractions are famous for offering fantastic beauty.

Leisure Activities: This wonderful hill station offers mesmerizing views of the nearby valleys that makes it an ideal trekking destination too. Trekking is the most adventurous activity, you can enjoy here. For enjoying more leisure activities,

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you can visit to the Radhanagari Sanctuary and Jyotiba Hill along with the various temples that certainly offer an unbelievable excursion experience.

Shopping: While on tour to Panhala, you can get an opportunity to stop for some time in Kolhapur and buy some beautiful jewelries and world famous kolhapuri chappals.

To Reach From Mumbai: Panhala is 428-km from Mumbai. To reach panhala, you first need to go to Kolhapur. You can go to Kolhapur by sources like - air, rail or road and then from there you need to travel by road, just need not bother much; there are frequent buses between Kolhapur and Panhala.

Best Time to Visit: Though, you can visit Panhala all year round. The best time to come here is from October to December as the sugarcane fields are full and even weather pleasant.

Accommodation: there are many hotels in Panhala, so you need not trouble much for comfortable accommodation. Still some the most appropriate lodging options include - Hotel Hill Top, Hotel Valley View and the MTDC Station at Panhala.

Panhala: Fast Facts

State : Maharashtra
District :Satara
Coordinates: 16°49'N 74°07'E Official
Languages : Marathi, Hindi, English
Panhala Climate / Weather :Summers 22°- 40°C. Winters 12°-33°C


Hotels In Panhala

Hotel Hill Top
Hotel Hill Top
We all cherish a dream to be in paradise to be in the floating clouds, dancing Moonbeams and misty mountains. At " Hotel Hill Top" Panhala you can really and truly feel to be in heavens.The Hotel is set over more than 2acres of a verdant landscape and has a kaleidoscopic view of the scenic hills ...
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