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» Aquatic Delights of Suraj Water Park, Mumbai ...

Suraj Water Park Suraj Water Park is the best stress buster for Mumbai residents and visitors. When you get tired of routine life and need a break not too far away from base, then this park will serve as the perfect getaway. It allows you to spend some quality time amid awesome water rides, slides, pools, dance zones and more.
Interestingly it is your height that will determine the entrance fee to Suraj Water Park! Kids below 10 years are not allowed into the park. The attractions here are the 16 slides that lead into a lake, a coupled slide, family rain dance hall and many water activities for kids. Lockers are available for safe keeping of valuables and swimsuits are for sale.

The park is open 365 days, a year, offering loads of entertainment, including pools, slides and various other attractions. A mermaid at the entrance welcomes visitors leading them to a huge fountain lorded over by Lord Shiva's countenance as water gushes down his locks like river Ganga, creating a waterfall and a large wave pool below.

Then you have the Crazy and Lazy Rivers for much fun and frolic. Among other attractions are two water slides: Sing-a-Song and Ding-Dong. Two other exciting slides labeled Labak and Zabak is where the water stretches for 350 ft length to stream down from a height of 100 ft. The park also has a family rain dance hall with various water activities. Best of all is the manmade fiber cave and 30 water fountains.

Location: Spanning over an area of 17 acres the Park is located 8 kms from Thane and 15 kms from Borivali station towards Navi Mumbai. It offers a rare combination of modern technology and traditional approach it provides many thrills and great fun for families and friends.  

History: Suraj Water Park was developed by Muchhla Magic Land Pvt Ltd as an excellent aquatic recreation paradise. Designed by White Water West Industries of Canada it appeals to people of most age groups, being a nice combination of technology and tradition maintained in the park. Truly fun and entertainment combine in never ending excitement. This unique park houses among other things a large cave, bridges on rivers and a restaurant - all made of fiber glass.


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Fun Activities: This acclaimed Mumbai amusement park is a must-see to be able to spend one glorious day of fun filled activities. The wave pool simulates the sea waves while the Crazy River imitates the turbulence of a tempestuous river. Enjoy the Lazy River as the perfect place to relax on rubber floats to meander down to the wave pool.

The slides at the Park are quite thrilling to set your adrenaline rushing and you can enjoy it all on Labak, Zabak and Matak for the best thrills in a long time. Enjoy the 100 ft high dives stretching on for a length of 350 ft. Just go on from one slide to another and lose yourself in the fun and excitement. For the children Nanha Tal slide provides the same level of excitement.

Amenities: is the Park's main attraction, that is the 18,000 square feet wave pool creating everything from soft ripples to bigger waves that will make you feel like you're right on the beach!

Aquatic Activities: As a water recreation paradise you can enjoy exciting rides and thrilling aquatic adventures on the dramatic slides to experience diving fun and coming out screaming off the slide. Adorned by mermaids, mountain range, large cave, bridges on rivers, this water park remains the first place to rush to when the city heats up.

To Reach From Mumbai: Located 8 km from Thane and 15 km from Borivali station on the Navi Mumbai route, both roadways and railways are available to access the Park easily. Being very near to Mumbai you can reach up readily. The nearest railway station is Thane from where you can hire a rickshaw or a taxi to Suraj Water Park.

Best time to visit: You may visit the Park all through the year but the water activities are best enjoyed in summer and monsoon season. Winters, monsoon and summers are all a great time to visit the Park.

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Village Kavesar
Ghodbunder Road, Waghbil Naka, Thane West
Mumbai – 400601
Landmark: Near Dala Engineering Private Limited
Phone: Home (022) 25974747, Home (022) 25974743


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